The System

A Bunch Of Deckheads I trust you’re well. An unfortunate incident took place where Ayo was DJ’ing at Simmons Bar Kings Cross and some fucking idiot decided to throw his drink over Ayo’s equipment which was subsequently damaged. The aforementioned individual was not charged. Dear Mr Osibugun I am writing to inform you that as a result of our investigation into your crime, I have concluded that at this time unfortunately there is insufficient evidence to proceed, and that the specific investigation into your crime will now be closed unless any further information comes to light. After further investigation I have determined the suspect does don’t have a charge to answer and the damage caused


A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well. While this has no bearing on you all, indirectly it has. I was saddened to hear that my former Basketball coach at The Brixton Topcats Jimmy Rodgers passed away on October 1st. The work this man did within the Brixton community at large was immeasurable. The lessons he taught with respect to the game of basketball were also applicable to the game of life. He was very big on discipline, commitment and fucking hard work. His training sessions were brutal. I was scared to attend every single training session I was there. Every single one! Whenever you walked into the Brixton Rec you were going to peer into the deepest parts of hell. However, when you f

Praise You

A Bunch Of Deckheads I trust you’re all well. Of late the feedback overall has been very positive. I can mention names, but in my conversations with you, you'll know who are. However, the following is the shit I’m fucking talking about. Name: Evans aka DJ chef Details: This was his first time in our venue and even though we were dead he made these three groups of people stayed for a really long time. When normally DJ's kind of give up when there no people he was still into party mood which made the customer's night an amazing experience. I had fun myself too! Brilliant person! Honourable mention goes out to Beatfreak. When a manger sends you a WhatsApp message saying the place isn’t the same

On Our Own

A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust that you’re well. Last week saw the launch of the inaugural A Bunch Of Deckheads at Drink Shop & Do featuring Derrick McKenzie from Jamirioquai. The event was a massive success on a number of levels. It was a departure from the narrative predicated around the placement of DJs to a brand partnership affording the imprint some kudos, which I believe going forward we’ll all be able to capitalise on. Being an avid learner fascinated by human behavior as a whole I’ve noticed that there’s a gap between what people say and do. Personally I want to keep that gap to a minimal. The above was another step in that direction. Another lesson that I gleaned from the night whic