F For You

A Bunch Of Deckheads Trust all is well. I just finished Felix Dennis How To Get Rich. In spite of the dubious title it’s well written and hilariously funny. Felix was the founder of Dennis Publishing pioneering computer and hobbyist magazine publishing in the UK in additional to being a poet, spoken-word performer and philanthropist. There was a particular passages regarding fear in relation to making money, which really resonated with me. If you want to get rich you must make a pact with yourself about fear of anything. You cannot banish fear, but you can face it down, stomp on it, crush it, bury it, padlock it into the deepest recesses of your heart and soul and leave it there. Felix Denni

Here We Go Again

A Bunch Of Deckheads Trust all is well. I’ve been trying to get this blog post out for a minute. The hustle however has been at an all time high. Some of you may or may not be aware but our colleague Mike Midas lost his father not to long ago. On behalf of those involved with the imprint our thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Going forward I will be forwarding any feedback that is deemed as unflattering to those concerned. We had a couple of issues this week and the aforementioned parties took the time to reply with their take on the how things had played out no pun intended and it looked like we got our shit in order. Thanks to Matt and Waren for taking the time to articula

Cop That $hit

A Bunch Of Deckheads I trust you’re well. No observations and shit. We on a promo and house keeping ting. Firstly Dol0 has a project out. Let’s get behind it! Stellar effort D. Out hustle these motherfuckers! Fuck a plan B! Have an exploration date and go from there. Believe my G! So much for the observations. DJ Ramos has recently embarked on a venture Coffee and Crayons. Well done Ramos. Given my love for coffee and if ever I’m in the Finchley area I will endeavour to put some money behind the till. Finally, I’ve yet to receive your availability for NYE. Please advise at your earliest convenience. One more thing. If you haven’t done so already please subscribe to the blog with a view that