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A  Bunch Of Deckheads founder Hope Patterson has made such an impact DJ’ing, it’s how he started the company.


Having honed his craft with his eclectic playlist and innovative mixes at the likes of St Martin’s Lane Hotel, Cargo and XOYO, as a way of building relationships with venues he started A Bunch Of Deckheads in a promotional guise initially in London and then Oslo.


Given the traction of the night, coupled with the content curated around the imprint, greater demand was placed on Hope which prompted him to start the A Bunch Of Deckheads the agency.


Within a relatively short period clients included Grand Union, The Shoreditch Bar Group to name a few while simultaneously working with the likes of Hugo Boss, Rockstar Energy Drinks, ASOS and more.


With an expanding roster of clients and DJs, Hope is now focused on A Bunch Of Deckheads the agency with a view of ensuring that the imprint remains a staple feature within the Club, Bar and Alternative Night Life world.

What a Deckhead.

Instagram: @wearedeckheads

Twitter: @wearedeckheads

Facebook: @wearedeckheads



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With a DJ career spanning over two decades, Dex has performed UK wide and international locations including Rotterdam, Oslo, Italy and Los Angeles. 


He has also performed in some of London's most iconic venues including Fabric, Jazz Cafe, The Forum and Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 


As a radio DJ he has performed on Kiss FM, NTS, Shade 45 (US), and Itch FM (which hosted his show ‘The Dex Files’).

Despite a musical foundation steeped in Hip-Hop, Dex comes equipped with an eclectic range of styles including Funk, Rock, Reggae, Electronica, New Wave, R&B and Soul.


A resident DJ lecturer at Point Blank music school (London), Dex's is also the creator of the audio-visual experience Watch Out Now which celebrates classic music videos and icon live performances.

Instagram: @watchounowtv

Facebook: @watchoutnowtv

Twitter: @mr_dex




Dj’ing since the age of 14, and on the UK Club Scene since the 00's. I have work for and gained residencies for the likes of the following: 


Club nights / Venues


Ministry of Sound (Student Nites) & (Ayia Napa summers) (Concert After party @ Ministry) 

Twice as Nice (London, Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Bristol & Cardiff)

Es Paradis (Ibiza)

Kiss FM (Bliss @ Sound)




Fresh n Funky (Mobo award winning best club)

Cookies & Cream (Scala) 


Album Launches


Warner Records

East West Records 


Concerts/ After Parties/Celebrities



Musiq soulchild


Faith Evans

Simon Web (Blue)

Ashley Cole (Chelsea FC & England)

Carlton Cole (Aston Villa FC & England)


My musical range includes RnB, HipHop, Neo Soul / 80's Soul / 90's, Dance, Pop, House / Funky House, Garage/Drum & Base, Dancehall / Reggae, Soca / Rare Groove and Latin.

Instagram: @official.djmarshall



I started DJing when I was about 17 yrs old when my older brother bought me a Gemini package (Gemini XL-300's turntables with a mixer). 


I used to mainly play RnB/Hip-Hop with a bit of Garage/Grime and I would spend evenings in the local youth club DJing while my friends would MC.


As I got older, due to studies, work, and going out, I stopped DJing for a few years.  After being out of the game for a while, I decided I wanted to get back into it as I’ve always had a passion for music/ DJing.  I bought myself a Pioneer DDJ-SR controller and started practicing again.  I was getting a few gigs through friends who were promoting their own nights so that was a good starting point and it was a great to play out to a crowd again.

I saw that one of my friend's, Alistair (DJ Astar), was getting all these gigs and was always positing it on his Instagram so I reached out and asked how he was going about it. He put me in touch with Bunch of Deckheads, I submitted a mix and the rest is history!  I've been with Deckheads since 2018 and it's been a great experience DJing at all these different venues across London and meeting so many different people.  It has definitely taught me a lot more about DJing and everything that comes with it.  I've started playing a variety of music from my favourite RnB/Hip-Hop to more House/Dance/Pop/Reggaeton and more which has been great! You definitely have to be versatile as a DJ these days to have a successful career.

Instagram: @dj.arms



Guilner started experimenting with music in 2005.  His Production style and DJ sets include NuDisco, House, Electro, Dubstep, Techno, Garage, Hip-Hop, RnB, Afro-beat and Bashment.


Born in Italy, he moved to London at a young age and became spellbound with the rave party scene. Fascinated by live performances of contemporary Techno producers, he began creating beats.  He learnt piano and had experience in bands playing the keyboard.  


In 2009, he co-founded dark electro/dubstep duo aLLriGhT.  This project led to the creation of Electro House recording label, aLLriGhT ReCorDs (2012).


Guilner draws from a variety of music styles, giving tracks a different edge, keeping the sound fresh, a blend of new and old, originals and remixes, mainstream and underground.


Collaborations include Technoises, A.C.M.E. Soundz SystemUKFlowPleasures.

Instagram: @guilnermusic

Twitter: @guilnermusic

Facebook: @guilnermusic

DJ/ Producer


A DJ verteran, passionate about music and the art and skill known as DJing. This love for everything about DJing has afforded him the opprotunity to DJ across the world and support major acts at concerts and events. The ability to read a crowd is key, which allows him to control his environment inside where ever he is playing. 

Instagram: @djchefuk

Twitter: @djchefuk

Facebook: @djchefuk



Oliver Rose is a Danish DJ/Producer based in London. With 5+ years of DJ experience in any music range, Oliver knows how to start a party. His main style of music is on the heavier bass side with likes as new school hiphop/trap and EDM.


His newest remix of Imogen Heaps legendary track ”Hide and Seek” was uploaded by EDMBot on Youtube and got 15.000 plays within the first week. He is currently working on his debut EP.

Instagram: @sneakyollie

DJ/ Producer

Sneaky Ollie (Oliver Rose)

Kapture Beats is a London DJ for any type of occasion but is often in his element during a high-energy set with a big party-ready crowd.

Kapture Beats first established himself in the Kingston/Surrey area starting off in the local bars and clubs as a Hip Hop DJ. His first residency was a student club night working alongside another DJ and promoter partner who so happened to be his flatmate. A couple of years later, he began to incorporate remixes of popular songs and added classics from the 80s and 90s with the focus of keeping a high-energy during his sets. He then took his new open format sound to many bars around West End and Shoreditch. Right now, Kapture Beats can now be found playing at a growing list of venues across London with A Bunch Of Deckheads.


Kapture Beats recalls DJ influences from Jazzy Jeff, DJ Angelo and Tony Touch where he would often try to replicate them when he was once an aspiring bedroom DJ. Coming from a strong Hip Hop influenced background, Kapture Beats also recalls his influences from other genres such as R&B, Reggae, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Rare Groove and Funk. All the genres that are often evident in his regular sets.

Kapture Beats is often a regular at Simmons Bar group and somehow manages to juggle a second career working for London Probation when he is not behind the decks.

Kapture Beats is currently working on a remix project as well as an EP he plans to release next year.

Instagram: @djkapturebeats


Kapture Beats

DJ Ramos has been DJ’ing for 17 years across a variety of different clubs around London, such as Ministry of Sound, Bar Solo, and Astoria. He previously DJ’d for ‘Jump Off’ one of the biggest Hip-Hop events in early 2003. 

This gave DJ Ramos the platform to showcases his talents on the turntables, scratching, mixing and juggling while contestants battled on the dance floor.

As well as DJ’ing, DJ Ramos was part of the Sony BMG street team back in 2005, promoting Hip-Hop and RnB artists such as Chris Brown and Ciara. He’s also had a weekly residency on Freeze and Extreme FM, playing the latest music across the airwaves. While his musical taste is deeply rooted in Hip-hop, he also plays a variety of music from Rnb /Old Skool / Rare Grooves /Dancehall /Drum & Bass / Dubstep / Garage / Funky House / Club Classics / Commercial and 90's

Instagram: @itsdjramos



DJ Abarshi is a London-based DJ and musician. Having grown up in the Netherlands he was exposed to the EDM scene from young and developed a passion for music built up from its bare bones. A musician that is vocally skilled and plays the keyboard proficiently, he has now built up over 3 years of professional DJ experience. 


Furthermore inspired by his Nigerian origins, he is fond of mixing musical styles with complex intersecting rhythms incorporating many different genres within his sets including garage, afrobeat, dancehall, 00s RnB/Hip-Hop, funky house and soul funk.


DJ Abarshi can regularly be found setting the mood in one of many Simmons Bar Group venues. Having studied a degree in Performing Arts Medicine, he is additionally an informed scholar of constructive physical and mental health practices within the performer scene. 



Style: Hitman on the dancefloor (Party style music)

Genre: Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, EDM, House, Bashment, Afrobeat, others

Venues: Boujis, Denim Bar, Emporium, Scala, Plan B, Mass, Embankment, Raffles, Sintillate, Corks, Club Elite, Ruby Lounge, Chip Shop, Babushka, Dragon Bar, Blues Kitchen, Kokomo, Hoxton Bar, The Social.

Countries played in: Spain, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, UK.
Skills: Sound engineer, music production, songwriter.

Started: 1995

Instagram: @mike.midas.scr 

Twitter: @mike.midas.scr

Facebook: @mike.midas.scr

DJ/ Producer

Mike Midas

Having DJ'd professionally for just over 2 years now, having started whilst at University as a hobby, which then quickly led to a passion and second career for me. Over the past 2 years, I've gone from DJ'ing at social parties, pop-up shows, and various events across London to securing a consistent residency at Simmons Bar's Resident DJ across their branches around London. I have also DJ'd for Fashion Retailer ASOS at their Staff Parties and still work closely with their Social Team.

Instagram: @wjaofficial



Marketer for the UK’s largest charity by day, and DJ by night - Lyra is a lover of all things creative. She is an open format DJ, spinning Hip Hop, RnB, Trap, EDM, Pop, Bashment and more. 


She began learning the craft in 2018, having been inspired by female talent in her home city of York. Since moving to London, she has developed a unique sound: blending classic old-school hip hop with electronic and alternative sounds. Lyra is always on the prowl for the freshest music. She can be found setting the mood in venues across the city.

Instagram: @djlyra



Most DJs write their bios in the 3rd person. I don’t want to be like most DJ’s!


In the past, I’d introduce myself as a Hip Hop and Dancehall specialist, but things have changed.  I still LOVE Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall, that will always be the case.  It still gives me good vibes when I play it, but I realised very early in my career that being versatile is the key to being able to smash ANY party, in ANY part of the world!


I only have 1 rule when I play.  I NEVER play a song I don’t like.  Ever.


I’ve been fortunate enough to travel and DJ in places like Ibiza, Dubai, Belgium and of course across the whole of the UK.  My experience includes working with club nights such as Sidewinder and Twice as Nice as well sharing the stage with a diverse range of UK artists including  Donea’o, Zie Zie, Dizzee Rascal, Shola Ama, Omar Lye-Fook, Janet Kay and Carroll Thompson.


Instagram: @djslkofficial



I've been in the game and DJing in parties from the age of 15, with music knowledge way above my peers I've been rocking parties from a young age.


Mixing skills have been mastered over the years with a vast range in my taste in music I enjoy listening to and playing a wide range of genres. 


I've played in various bars/clubs in London from Ministry of Sound to Lockside Lounge in Camden where I was the main DJ for MTV where I used to work.


DJing is truly a passion of mine and I love nothing more than seeing my crowd sing and dance all night long!