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Keep On Movin'

A Bunch Of Deckheads. Wargwarn. I wanna tell you a couple of stories, precautionary tales if you like.

Xerox had a Think Thank that consisted of the top Computer Science PhD’s in America and were sitting on technology that was the future of the personal computer when a young upstart by the name of Steve Jobs saw that they weren’t doing shit with it.

He subsequently, commissioned Apple to develop the technology for him in the guise of The Macintosh for Apple to eventually go on to surpass Xerox market leaders at time, within the PC market.

Pissed off by a late charge fee of $40.00 for returning the film Apollo 13 to his local Blockbusters Reed Hastings decided to embark on a venture where he felt he could provide a better offer.

At the time Blockbusters had been bought by Viacom and had in excess of $1 Billion in the cash. Having built some traction with his brand Reed pitched his idea and proposed a partnership to Blockbusters. Depending on whom you ask, legend has it that he was laughed out off the meeting.

‘The consumer loves the experience of coming to our stores, they might meet a peng ting and speech it, pick up some porn corn while they’re at it still.’

I’m paraphrasing this of course.

Well Reed cracked on and he continued to build the behemoth that we now know as Netflix and Blockbusters, well you know the rest.

Why the business case studies? Simple. Rule number 8 of The Ten Track Commandents. Think B. I. G Business Instead of Games.

Remaining comfortable within the status quo in time will only result in being left behind. The work we embark on has to be meaningful in order to continue to build upon, not even sustain the work to date.

While DJ’ing might be an ISA fund for you, a way to pay of a credit card, some sneaker money, whatever the fucking vehicle it is to you, constant work and innovation beyond turning up and playing will suffice for a certain period of time.

Well, A Bunch Of Deckheads is a DJ agency surely it’s your job Hope to get us gigs in the some way any other recruitment agency works I hear you surmise. To which I reply valid point. However, conventional thinking will only get you conventional results.