• hopepatterson3


A Bunch Of Deckheads

Towards the end of last year due to some stellar work on your part, namely Andy Cox, Mr Dex, Mike Midas and DJ Lish. From the beginning of February I’ll be providing DJ’s from Thursday to Saturday on a weekly basis at Drink Shop & Do. Consequently, over the weekend I undertook a reconnaissance of the venue flanked by the indomitable Mr Dex.

Upon our arrival I was informed by the doorman that I wasn’t dressed appropriately as I was decked out in my Adidas uniform, after all All. Day. I. Dream. About. Success. A by-product of having fractured my knee last year and it still being swollen.

Nevertheless, having explained why I was there he went to inform whom I believe was the head doorman. What transpired next can only be described as a fucking lesson in exemplary customer service. His conduct was remarkable, worth making remarks about, hence the subject matter for this blog. I left the exchange amazed and now I’m sharing my experience with you.

Who’s talking about you?

Who are you amazing?