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21 Questions

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I’m loving the dialogue that’s taking place of the back of the blog. Tim Ferriss argues.

Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.

The blog is meant as a means for us to stress boundaries and start flirting with the impossible.

I had a conversation with the Operations Manager at Simmons recently arguing that six-hour sets weren’t warranted and that they should consider a maximum of four-hour sets while affording the same rate at the very least. Unfortunately, this was meet with a resounding no.

Which is fine. If you ask a question there’s always the possibility that you’ll be told no. I’ll just have to ask a better question and I plan on getting better at asking better questions.

It’s quite ironic, I recall an incident where a young lady approached me while DJ’ing and asked.

Do you get a DJ tab for drinks?

To which I replied.


Well I’ll have glass of white wine when you’re ready then.

I thought that was absolutely hilarious and politely obliged. I loved her audacity.

What questions are you asking yourself and others that will improve the impact of your work reward you accordingly?