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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

You may or may not have read the article in the Evening Standard a number of weeks ago regarding the £10 million pound investment in Simmons. If not an article also appeared in City AM.

What that means for us I don’t know? Quite frankly it’s business as usual as far as I’m concerned. However, with that said there seems to be an emergence of more of their own DJs coupled with the fact that one of the DJs is replicating what I do.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that Simmons happens to be one of my biggest clients. Nevertheless, I remain dogged in my pursuit of procuring more business.

Doing what you’re paid for is not enough. Everyone fucking does that. I’d hazard a guest that Toys R Us and Maplin’s thought so too.

We should be looking to over achieve like a motherfucker. How can we exceed what our customers are asking for because that’s how we’ll get referrals and customers for life. That’s how we’ll win.

Admittedly, you may not be interested in achieving the above. Nevertheless, what you need to bear in mind that if at any juncture of the week you don’t hear from me and you feel compelled to ask

Is there’s any work this week Hope?

Then you do!

If we don’t make a concerted attempt to start working like a collective it’s only a matter of time before circumstances dictate otherwise.

Where are the:


Video editors

Graphic designs

Leads from friends or relatives working for XYZ e.g.



Business proposals

Is there any work this week Hope?

Really! Is that all we got?

Admittedly this is becoming somewhat of a repetitive narrative or may even be deemed as scaremongering but if we don’t raise our standards it may well be a case of

Everything was all good just a week ago [Hope]

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