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Lets Get It

A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re all well.

Got some stellar feedback from the venues, which is great to hear so well done.

I’m trying to ensure that the evaluation’s of your performances are as comprehensive as possible , which hasn’t always been the case but we’ll get there.

As of next month we’ll have full ownership of Drink Shop & Do. I had anticipated this being sooner and there was a false dawn but now A Bunch Of Deckheads will officially be responsible for sourcing their DJ’s. Thanks to the following

Andy Cox



Mr Dex

Mike Midas


And Me

I have a venue pending in South London, which has offered me a number of trial slots one of which has been pencilled in. The brief Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, RnB no current chart $hit. If interested please submit a relevant mix and we’ll take it from there.

If you’ve been following us on social media you will have seen that A Bunch Of Deckheads is back at Radicals with Watch Out Now! The music video night hosted by Mr Dex on Saturday 17th March 9pm – 2am.

If you’re able to attend it would be great to see you there. Any support you can offer by way of attendance or promotion will be a big help which I believe may translate into further dates being afforded to us. Thanks in advance.

So of the back of my last post, I wanted to put out some proposals.

Only one person has expressed an interest in potentially doing something at Simmons Bar Fitzrovia. Anymore for anymore?

I’m awaiting news on a venue to host an all day event in the summer with a venue that has an open space. Providing I get the go ahead, anyone interested in featuring as a DJ and or assisting with the promotion please advise.

Have great one

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Lets Get It G Dep