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Make The Road By Walking

A Bunch of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

The Grateful Dead. Heard of them? Neither have I.

Their one of the most innovative bands history. Outliers if you will, people who don’t fit the into our normal understanding of achievement, which coincidently is a good read by Malcolm Gladwell by the way.

They had a mailing list before email was deemed as a marketable asset, gave away free content and were fans of their fans.

The Grateful Dead was incredibly successful because they didn’t do what all other bands did. They created their own business model. Prior to dwindling album sales that was a band’s primary source of income, which in turn influenced their marketing strategy. The Grateful Dead however chose to focus on selling concert tickets and affording an unique experience.

While other bands would alter their sound to sell more records, they created a concert experience that was unmatched by any other band and achieved a cult like fan base which took them to stardom.

To achieve this in any industry, you have to look at where the market is over saturated, where the revenue streams are and qualify what opportunities are being overlooked?

That’s why I’m eating shit everyday with a view of trying to achieve this. Biz dev is fucking hard. I’m of the opinion that the best sales strategy is to have the customer come to you without you doing shit because your brand is, essentially the shit.

I’m trying to realise this is by affording as much value as I can.

With that said I’ve been given the go ahead to propose a date for the inaugural A Bunch Deckheads Festival at Bermondsey Yard Café, details of which to follow at a later date.

It’s embarking on concerns like this that will hopefully afford the imprint inbound opportunities because the brand is predisposed to affording massive can.

What I’m finding is that there’s only a certain amount of venues and spaces to approach or leads that can be procured from previous relationships so why not do all that we can to change that dynamic. After all

The people who skip the hard questions [tasks] are in the majority, but they’re not in demand.

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