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A Bunch of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

I’ve come to realisation, well admittedly I’ve known for a while but the best way to deal with expectations, is to have none. The discourse of this blog over the last couple of the months has taken on a number of tones that have been a reflection of the challenges faced with growing this imprint.

It can be argued that the expectations that I have placed on you all isn’t warranted as your expectations may be in stark contrast to my own. I can reprimand, vent or forewarn until the cows come home but no one owes me anything.

If my Dad could leave me at 14 and not give a fuck about my mother and I that told me no one owed me shit. Whatever, I’m afforded is a pleasant surprise. That’s why I’m accustomed to the taste of shit.

If I want an ethos to permeate throughout the imprint I have to lead be example. I want the content of this blog to be predicated on the documentation of the value I aspire to afford others and my insane work ethic, with a view that there’s by in from all those concerned with the imprint.

And that’s just me in a Nutshell

Phife Dawg Nutshell