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Travelling Without Moving

A Bunch of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

Revisiting the past I find has the ability to disempower or galvanise us. Personally I prefer the latter. I was revisiting some emails I sent in the past to a number of venues to possibly tweak for some subsequent pitches.

A number of things dawned on me.

One. I’m incredibly witty, even by my own admission.

Two. I’ve eaten an insane amount of shit.

Which is fine, because in the process of falling I’ve grown wings. Where I’ve had my biggest wins by that I mean the clients I been able to procure, has been as a consequence of me offering as much value up front as possible.

My first blog I love playing with my 12 inches, apart from my 1210s was one of the best investments I ever made. I would upload fifteen-minute mixes, coupled with an email as to why I thought I was the shit and send them to venues throughout London.

Off the back of this I got offered a gig at Cargo on a Tuesday night. 7pm – 2am if my memory serves me correctly for an astronomical fee of £30. Knowing full well I had work the next day. I took the gig nonetheless. Back then I was more Keane than Roy.

That gig which was attended by the bar staff, the owner, a girl I was seeing from Stockholm at the time, her sister and no more than ten people afforded me the following:

Residencies at Cargo with a significantly improved rate, Ruby Blue, The Redchurch, The Shoreditch formerly The Last Days Of Decadence over several years, culminating in my relationship with The Simmons Bar Group.

Did I think I should have been paid more for that gig? Abso-Fucking-lutely! However, I was going to demonstrate that I warranted more and by doing so the pay off has been exponential.

Going forward I’m constantly looking at ways to afford clients as much value as I possibly can with a view procuring more work for you all. Being told what to do and being the cheapest is the fastest race to the bottom. I hate loosing, but fuck that shit. I’m not interested in winning that race.

I fully aware that some of these venues could be doing more to champion the imprint. However, I’m not waiting for them to do so. In time I believe our work will get recognition.

I’ve always wanted to put on a soul night. Ironically enough, a bartender at Cargo became a manager of a venue in Balham. See, it pays to be nice and not just on the 1s and 2s. I digress. We agreed a Sunday offer. It’s Like Butter. Branded it. Promoted it extensively over the course of a month. It’s was a resounding flop! Attending by the manager, a member of staff and me myself and I.

I decided to take it upon myself to revert to Twitter and engage in some hyperbole and start tweeting how it’s going off. Like you’re missing the mother of all Sunday’s. Play a track. Tweet. It’s going Off The Wall @3monkeys #mj #soulmusic I’m paraphrasing this of course. I had a few cocktails in me at the time.

This takes place over the course of fours. I got to play some shit I don’t normally play. Free drinks. The way I looked at it, it was paid practice. Got home and received a message from a venue Smiths Of Spitalfields asking me whether I would be interested in replicating the offer at there.

I did so for a year until they closed and the aforementioned manager and I are now working together at his new venue Bermondsey Yard Café where I service the group as a whole.

So what am I saying? Quite simply, if were not predisposed to working together in concert with a view of seeking out opportunities to afford as much value as we can, then all were doing is Travelling Without Moving.

I’m off to Gothenburg this weekend so can I have your availability for next week by Saturday 12pm please.

Now I’ll get to know who really reads this shit.

Thanks you Bunch Of Deckheads

PS By the way off the back of the first night we did at Radicals we’ve been offered two Saturday’s every month going forward until further notice. Great work Mr Dex. Watch Out Now!