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Follow The Leader

A Bunch Of Deckheads. As always I trust you’re well.

I’m writing this while sat at my table at an O’Learys in Gothenburg having eaten a what can only be described as a non descript burger and fries coupled with a portion of Bulfalo wings, the Tariyaki wings are no longer on offer, pissed! Washed down with a margarita and half a pint of Carlsberg. What can I say I have a fast metalbolisom. Underwhelming to say the least. It’s my own fault. The culinary experience has to account for something, hence my decision to write the subsequent post.

Why the aforementioned post title? A tad conceited I hear you say. It was inspired by the latest book I’m reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. Great read! It inspired me to disclose a challenge I was faced with towards the back end of last year.

Bizarrely, bizarrely being an interesting choice of words

given that I found myself owing just over three thousand pounds in fees to a number of DJs on the roster. This can be attributed to a number of factors.

Protracted periods where invoices were going unpaid coupled with a venue closing down without settling outstanding invoices. Affording a venue a number of gigs which I’ve had to pay for, as a consequence of them being supplied with a DJ which they felt lost them a significant amount of money on New Years Eve. Poor administration on my part. Just like the decision to go with the burger and fries it’s my own fucking fault.

This isn’t some woe is me narrative or an attempt to garner kudos from yourselves. While it took some time I’ve pretty much addressed this and the reward has been in the act of doing so, not any plaudits I hope to receive from you or those concerned. It’s merely a documentation of the challenges faced the imprint; coupled with an affirmation of the culture I want to build.

While reading Leaders Eat Last I was struck by the story of the post stick note, which was a by-product of a failed experiment by Spencer Silver of 3M trying to make a super adhesive clue.

This shared failure was appropriated by a colleague Art Fry who sometime later needed a suitable bookmark, while in choir practice and was reminded or inspired if you like, by the adhesive and thus the post stick note was born. 3M’s success can be attributed to a cross pollination of ideas, their execution and innovation from interaction.

What occurred to me during the financial predicament I found myself in, while I hasten to add that there were some exceptions, was the sense of urgency and persistence with which what was owed was being pursued. Understandable given that I'm not privy to people's financial situation.

However, it led me to ask as I often do, what if the same mentality were being shown with respect to us looking at ways of collaborating with one another like 3M? I’ve been able to build the imprint to this point with a view of replicating that in some part and wish to continue doing so.

Consequently, I’m of the opinion that those involved with A Bunch Of Deckheads must be of a similar disposition. While I may be inspired by the change I want to achieve it starts with colleagues or an audience if you like, that’s rooting for me to do so.

In order to earn more, I believe you have to be more. Be it creating new ideas, new projects and new relationships. Cultivating things that didn’t exist before you arrived. If that wasn’t the case you and I wouldn’t be having this dialogue now. That may change predicated on continued evidence from those who have repeatedly demonstrated that they don’t feel the same way.

Me no Rakim, but follow the leader

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