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So Whatcha Sayin'

A Bunch Of Deckheads. As always I trust you’re well.

I’m of the opinion that just because you’re afforded opportunities as a by-product of being good at something doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to just doing so. What’s achievable isn’t always what is important. There’s a lot of things we can do however my thinking has moved from ‘How do I achieve more?’ to ‘How would I like to live?’

With the skills available within the imprint I believe we’re capable of more and I want to look at ways where we can execute on that. So off the back of a conversion with Mike Midas he suggested that we meet up as a collective. In spite of my reluctance I agree.

I’m proposing we do so on Wednesday the 2nd May 7pm venue to be confirmed. Whether you attend or not is entirely up to your discretion, however I believe it will be in your best interest to do so.

If you have any items for discussion to be added to the agenda please send via email no later than the 30th April by 12am. I will email you the agenda the subsequent day May 1st. Thanks in advance.

Some house keeping. Going forward can I ask that you all send me the following information where applicable please;

DJ Alias

Twitter Username

Instagram Username

Facebook Username

Souncloud Page

Mixcloud Page


Additional skill sets e.g. Photoshop, Logic

This isn’t about the pursuit of success for the sense of achievement for achievement sake, but more so about the realignment of our thoughts and behaviours so that we can experience growth coupled with a sense of well being and fulfilment as we strive.

So Whatcha Sayin?

PS. Watch Out Now has now been added to Drink Shop & Do. Well done Mr Dex.

Can I ask that you repost, retweet and share this week’s event at Radicals.

Thanks in advance