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My Philosophy 2.0

A Bunch Deckheads

Lets begin what where why or when. All will be explained like instructions to game.

The blog posts aren’t ad hoc reading.

While I get that they may be somewhat repetitive it's because I’m not making shit up.

From time to time there will be information that I’ll need you to action. Can I ask that the same urgency with which your availability is made known be afforded to what I’ve asked to be actioned?

So going forward;

1. Read the blog!

2. Please disclose your availability for the forthcoming week by Monday 12pm whether you are or not.

2. Can you ensure that all fees are paid by the Monday after your gig by 2pm. Please notify me if this will not be the case.

3. This wasn’t included in your initial Ts and Cs when you agreed them however, any discussions regarding your availability should take place between A Bunch Of Deckheads and the venue concerned.

The above isn’t an attempt to play 'The Big I Am' or 'Johnny Bigbollocks' it's an attempt to work in a more efficient manner and I believe the blog serves as a vehicle to do so.

The meeting. Well the less said about that the fucking better. A number of people are away so we’ll have to reschedule so I’m going to propose Wednesday 16th May 7pm.

PLEASE confirm your availability by 12pm Monday 30th April.

I just produce, create, innovate on a higher level I'll be back, but for now just seckle!

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