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A Bunch Of Deckheads

As always I trust you’re all is well.

Allow me to introduce you to Nigel. You may know him as Mr Dex. Nigel is what Seth Godin would call a Linchpin. He is by no means a primadonna that deems himself indispensible and interested solely in his own success. He’s forever looking at ways to afford as much value as he can.

While the imprint isn’t dependent solely on Nigel and quite frankly I don’t think any company should be dependent an indispensible cog. His conduct serves as an example of what can be achieved when an ethos or culture if you will is shared.

Does he resonate personally with everything he has to play? Nope! Does he relish being told by intoxicated patron’s how to do his job? Fuck No! Yet the parameters within which Nigel works not only does he manage expectations, he resets and exceeds them.

While he may not feel the same way about music and DJ’ing as he once did, he has managed to transfer his passion or at the very least his interests to DJ'ing as oppose to being fixated with what DJ'ing should be affording him.

Given his expertise with video mixing Nigel devised the night Watch Out Now where the music played and their corresponding videos are shown on a projector so the audience are privy to how the set is visually curated and it coincides with music that Nigel actually wants to fucking play.

Watch Out Now has secured a residency and has been held in three venues to date and counting. He has been responsible for the flyer concept and the ongoing social media engagement strategy. In addition the night has afforded gigs to others on the imprint given the by in on the part of the venues primarily because of its USP.

By doing these things Nigel’s actions has gone some way towards adding depth and breadth to the imprint. The blog and the proposed meeting on the 16th May is to encourage people to be a valuable part of the team, maximise their contribution to others and the overall enterprise just like Nigel Mr. Dex has.

You’re seeing a number of companies with reputable reputations fall by the way side in addition to a number of industries being disrupted. Is it far fetched to believe that couldn't happened to DJ'ing as we know it? So how do we pre-empt that? We act like a non-commodity so we’re not treated like one. We initiate the change we want to bring about.

The venue for the inaugural A Bunch Of Deckheads Annual General Meeting on the 16th May will be held at Drink Shop & Do 6 Caledonian Rd London N1 9DX 7pm.

Items for the agenda need to be submitted via email no later than Monday 14th May by 12pm.

Thanks in advance.

“Transferring your passion to your job is far easier than finding a job that happens to match your passion.” ― Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?