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Changing For You

A Bunch Of Deckheads

As always I trust you’re well.

As I mentioned last week the venue for the inaugural A Bunch Of Deckheads Annual General Meeting on the 16th May will be held at Drink Shop & Do 6 Caledonian Rd London N1 9DX 7pm.

Items for the agenda need to be submitted via email no later than Monday 14th May by 12pm

So what’s the objective for meeting? Meaningful work. If as A Bunch Of Deckheads we’re content to just meet specifications we’re FUCKED! What kind of precedence are we setting?

I had a call this week from a client offering me two gigs next week. Cool. However, she was of the opinion that if we were offered subsequent gigs for the duration of the summer she could reduce the rate. I politely declined.

I’m not playing that game. It’s over saturated and by the sheer dynamics of it all the fastest race to the bottom. By default we have a tendency to revert to what we already know how to do. Things change. The music industry, the taxi industry, the hotel industry the list goes on.

If you had asked people in those respective industries at some point what would be the most improbable changes that would occur in their respective sectors, they may very well be describing what has transpired now.

Scary shit? Not necessarily. There’s no need to be afraid when you can be creative.

See you next Wednesday.