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What It Is

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you’re well.

Let me say with the odd exception, overall we’ve been getting some great feedback from the venues so well done. I’m trying to get them to use evaluation sheets so that the feedback is as objective as possible. I remain undeterred.

Also I’m loving the energy off the back of the meeting we had last month. Some great ideas but more importantly, subsequent actions have transpired since. Knowledge isn’t power Deckheads, it’s what you do with that fucking knowledge is the power.

For those of you that didn’t attend the meeting I concluded by saying that we need to be fans of ourselves first and foremost.

Following on from that attention is by way of interruption offering no value affords little or no consideration. So why not champion ourselves and build upon that exponentially.

You’re making music? Share it!

You got an offer for a night? More on that later. Lets put one on.

None of the above.

Collate some contacts from I don't know, event management companies or hotels and I’ll pitch the fuck out of them if that’s not your bag.

Too labour intensive, time consuming? Quite frankly you can’t be arsed. Well retweet, like or repost some content.

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourselves Deckheads. If you’re really passionate about playing music and I get that you may not necessarily be of an entrepreneurial disposition but what are you doing to afford yourselves more opportunities?

What if A Bunch Of Deckheads, the resource that currently affords you those opportunities cease to be?

Everyone of us is better than one of us.

We’re approaching the second quarter of the year now. What I want to ask is what don’t we know? I just finished reading Blue Ocean Strategy, the premise of which argues instead of just competing in markets focus on creating a market where there’s no competition. That’s some Deckhead shit. I’ll let that sit with you.

Some house keeping.

Drink Shop & Do will be looking at running theme nights as opposed to just having DJs. If you have any ideas please advise. This could be the opportunity for you to develop a subsidiary night in the guise of a Watch Out Now. Personally I’m thinking of a 80s Pop night. INXS Level 42 and shit.

The inaugural A Bunch Of Deckheads Festival has come and gone. The venue concerned has yet to get the relevant licence leaving me with less time to promote the event.

In other news. Simmons will be opening a new site in Farringdon July 27th. Please spare me the following.

‘I’ll be up for those gigs Hope’ Shit

The easiest thing to do is to react. It’s harder to initiate. Let’s lean into the latter as a collective.

Have a good one.