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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

Apologies this post was meant to go out yesterday but my charger went on my mac and I had to go and see my mum. I digress.

July 2nd will have been a year since I fractured my knee. Don’t ask! Those of you who were aware of my injury will know that my take on the experience was one that had a profound effect on me. Time would not permit me to expand.

What I will say however is by asking what do I want to achieve from this gave me the resolve and fortitude to face the challenges that were a consequence of the injury. I used my adversity as fuel.

What am I trying to convey? However you see your involvement with this imprint at the very lest can I ask that you have a clear objective in mind whenever you've been booked.

Following the meeting there was a number of discussions taking place which has now subsided and has seen very little if any subsequent action. People’s actions tell us all that we need to know.

So while I get four eyes on a solution is better than two and all of us is better than one of us, you’ve told me all that I need to know. What I won’t accept however is subpar conduct or performances in the spaces that you’ve been booked to play. I want it to be apparent that there is a standard of excellence that comes with a DJ placed by A Bunch Of Deckheads.

Some house keeping.

This month Simmons Bar will be opening a site in Farringdon. I want to have that on lock like Yale, so if we bear the above in mind I don’t see why not.

Bermondsey Yard Café now Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen is now under new ownership. With been afforded monthly slots with them. In addition they want to go ahead with the all day event details of which to follow soon. Working title A Bunch Of Deckheads Are For The Kids. Well I like it anyway.

Look out for A Bunch Of Deckheads In The Kitchen featuring Mr Dex and Mwah. Thursday 26th July 8pm on Facebook live. On some Tim Ferris Podcast ting!

Finally, I’m planning on arranging some drinks for you all at some point as a thank you for all your efforts and work to date.

I know some of you are or will be away so I’m thinking maybe the tail end of August early September. Will send dates out soon.


Go ahead. Do something impossible

Seth Godin