• hopepatterson3


A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you're well.

Simmons have asked me to convey a reminder regarding their music policy.

Can you please refrain from playing any bashment, dancehall or grime that would cater for the ardent fan.

I'm not saying that you discard those genre's completely, but they will need to be of a more commercial disposition, the likes of which that would feature on your Now That What I Call Music compilation album's and the like.

If you're asked to deviate from the above by patron's and staff alike please inform the parties concerned that you're following directives from head office.

Play what's conducive to

A happy face, a thumping bass for a loving race.

Jazzie B Jazzie's Groove

While that might be open to interpretation I like to think that you get the gist.

Any questions or thoughts around best practice please advise.