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Show Busyness

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you’re all well. Apologies as this was meant to go out yesterday. I was at the Sanderson Hotel on Thursday where I had a few a drinks and was violently sick the next day.

Bizarre as I didn’t drink anywhere near what I’m accustomed too and given the priority I place on my time I lost most of the day. I was pissed. No pun intended. It was a great evening, nonetheless.

As always thanks for your effort last month. There’s been some great stories among the roster, DJ Boogz comes to mind. Having had a tough start initially, he has reinvented himself coupled with being mentored by DJ Chef to now featuring regularly under the Deckhead imprint. This bears testament to what happens when we work in concert with one another. That’s how you create value.

As a collective this needs to remain at the heart of what we do. How people experience you as a DJ reflects on A Bunch Of Deckheads as a brand, which will get people shouting about us.

Some of you who played out last night will have noticed that Simmons have now reduced their set times and subsequently their rates. There’s a lot that can be said about that which quite frankly I can’t be arsed to go into.

In between the human dynamic of stimuli and reaction sits choice. What I will say on the above however and you may disagree is, if we mattered this wouldn’t be the case. In order to garner more you have to be more. This means being diametrically opposed to continually doing the ineffective but familiar as opposed to the effective and unfamiliar.

Busy shouldn’t be our primary objective. Busy doesn’t get you what you believe you should have. Value creation does.

We only get today once. We have to be intentional with how we spend it. Tomorrow marks the ninth year since my brother passed away. The experience has given me such a reverence for life. Some years ago I wrote about this in another Blog I had which I’ve enclosed below. Depending on whether you choose to read it or not it conveys why.

In interim.

Go do something impossible

Seth Godin

Since You’ve Been Away So Long

Yes I know I’m supposed to be filming this post but it doesn’t feel appropriate and I’m not in the mood to be honest. Tomorrow will mark six years since my brother passed away from cancer. Given that I’ve got a picture of him tattooed on my left shoulder it’s hard not to think about him.

For years I wished it were me who had died instead of him, as he was everything to me and it was the most painful experience I’ve ever been through.

He was my brother, father, best friend and icon. I’ve said this on numerous occasions but before Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Puff Daddy there was Chich. He was a beautiful human being. The way he acquitted himself throughout his illness with such humility and fortitude astounds me to this day.

I recall when we had to see his consultant to get an update on the level of cancer in his body. It was high to say the very least. It was at the point where his death was imminent. When told, he simply replied

‘Cor! That’s high innit?’

Not your typical response.

I took a number of lessons from this painful experience. Whenever, I visit his grave which I plan to do so tomorrow I feel a myriad of emotions. Sadness, appreciation, love and a sense of empowerment. When you witness a love one lose their life, it gives you a greater sense of appreciation for your own. Admittedly, because of the pain I felt, for a while I didn’t really care much for my own. However, I came to the realisation that I would be betraying his legacy if I didn’t get a handle on his death.

His life would have to amount to something beyond his existence, because in my eyes he was one of the many unsung heroes who populate this world. Forgive me if I referred to this before but I when I went through a phase of reading autobiographies I gleaned from them that there’s always one defining trait that characterised their lives. Michael Jordan competitiveness, Richard Branson foresight, Steve Jobs intentionality. Chich, bravery.

The other day I posted a picture of myself on Facebook. I wouldn’t say I’m handsome but I easily could. I was pictured by a controller. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a portable CD player and I wasn’t using turntables. Someone commented

‘You’ve got a turntable on your logo and your not using one.’

To which I replied.


Given the post I won’t write what I really thought.

A Bunch Of Deckheads isn’t just about DJ’ing, or selling tees, organising events and trying to procure a venue. It’s about being brave. Brave enough to believe, to try and to fail.

It’s an ideal I want to inspire in others to create whatever path they wish to embark on. Given that this experience we call life is a one-time offer only. It’s a price worth paying, although Chich in is indomitable way would say.

‘Cor! That’s high innit?’

And crack on.