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A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you’re all well. I’m starting to like this ad hoc discourse as it tends to be predicated around business as opposed to just observations or anecdotes I hasten to add.

Simmons Bar Group

I touched on the change in times for Simmons Bar. The venues concerned pertaining to Friday and Saturday are as follows:

Simmons Bar Fitzrovia 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Soho 7 – 12

Simmons Bar Liverpool St 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Euston Sq 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Mornington Crescent 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Fulham Fri & Sat 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Tower Bridge 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Clerkenwell 8 – 1

Simmons Bar Temple 7 – 11

The rate now paid is reflective of these changes. No comment at this point in time.


Can I ask that you adhere to the following going forward please as it impacts my ability to work effectively irrespective of you being locked into a venue on a weekly basis or not?

1. Can I please have your availability for the week by Monday 12pm. I will take your failure to do so as you not being available.

2. Can you ensure fees are paid no later than Monday 2pm

3. Please advise of absence over prolong periods via text or email. So I can record this.

4. I’m not always able to get back to you with a booking as this may be contingent on a number of things. So please do not take offence.

Adherence to the above ensures that I can commence with hunting. Because if I don’t kill, I don’t eat. Ta!

Social Media

This is by no way a means of me pandering to my ego but with regards to any Deckheads activity online can I ask that you engage with it? Attention is the new capital, don’t believe me ask Kendall Jenner and I don’t even fucking watch TV.

Raising our visibility, creating subsidiary imprints, which I’m more than happy to support, will go some way towards me procuring more opportunities for us to be in ownership of. The barriers of entry to DJ’ing are incredibly low now. Garnering attention goes someway to circumventing that.

So while I get that you may have your own projects or may not want to undertake the work involved to realise the above or quite frankly, don’t give a fuck. Can I ask that you help shout about A Bunch Of Deckheads as you have a vested in doing so.

This Saturday is the inaugural Party Like It’s 1999 at Drink Shop. Any help by way of promotion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance