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Who Am I

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you’re all well. Once again there’s been some interesting dialogue regarding the imprint. I was going to enclosed some of the thoughts conveyed in this post and then I thought why the fuck for?

Ideas aren’t worth SHIT if they’re not consistently executed.

Recently, I’ve declined venues who deem A Bunch Of Deckheads as the last port of call with regards to providing DJs.

I’ll get a call at 9.30pm on a Friday or Saturday evening from venue XYZ asking the following;

Hope! Any chance of getting a DJ here for 10pm?

To which I reply!

Go Fuck yourself! Who am I? The booty call of DJ Agencies. You only wanna fuck with me when it suits you?

No thanks!

Disclaimer. Not exactly in those words but you get the gist.

I guess my point being, albeit a protracted one is, if we’re going to set precedence lets stick to it or what’s the point.

A big thanks to those of you who helped push It Was Acceptable In The 80s. It was a successful night by all accounts.

Oh! One last thing….