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Ring The Alarm

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you're well.

With regards to the placement DJs there are a number of trends prevalent that are making it increasingly difficult to procure gigs. The barriers of entry to DJ'ing are becoming lower as a by product of the relative ease with which you can DJ now.

So what's the long time plan? How do we build assets and leverage instead of being content with keeping busy?

If we don't figure this out. The resource that is A Bunch Of Deckheads as you know it may not be readily available for you to tap into as of when you see fit. There is only so many times I can reiterate this.

This Saturday at Drink Shop & Do we'll hosting Derrick McKenzie, the drummer from Jamiroquai with support provided by Kira. I would appreciate your engagement online around this.

Those of you who have been doing so to date, it has be noted and greatly appreciated.