• hopepatterson3

Praise You

A Bunch Of Deckheads

I trust you’re all well. Of late the feedback overall has been very positive. I can mention names, but in my conversations with you, you'll know who are. However, the following is the shit I’m fucking talking about.

Name: Evans aka DJ chef

Details: This was his first time in our venue and even though we were dead he made these three groups of people stayed for a really long time. When normally DJ's kind of give up when there no people he was still into party mood which made the customer's night an amazing experience. I had fun myself too! Brilliant person!

Honourable mention goes out to Beatfreak. When a manger sends you a WhatsApp message saying the place isn’t the same when you’re DJ isn’t playing, it makes you feel like a proud Dad and I haven’t got any fucking kids.

Well done lads.

Fuck meeting expectations. Let’s exceed them, or what’s the point?

But hey! What do I know?

This Saturday Mr Dex will be at Radicals curating Watch Out Now! So make let Tribe and Push Along! If you don’t want too, then fuck you den innit!