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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well.

While this has no bearing on you all, indirectly it has. I was saddened to hear that my former Basketball coach at The Brixton Topcats Jimmy Rodgers passed away on October 1st.

The work this man did within the Brixton community at large was immeasurable. The lessons he taught with respect to the game of basketball were also applicable to the game of life. He was very big on discipline, commitment and fucking hard work.

His training sessions were brutal. I was scared to attend every single training session I was there. Every single one! Whenever you walked into the Brixton Rec you were going to peer into the deepest parts of hell.

However, when you finished practice you felt as if you came into life changing money. He could be hard on you but when he praised you, it was one of the best feelings in the world. Subsequently, I felt compelled to give him my all whenever I stepped on to the Basketball court.

Among the many things I learnt from this great man was courage. Personally, I think confidence is overrated as it can be reverted to as some kind of façade. Courage on the other hand, the ability to recognise the fear and act regardless and lean into challenges are what Topcats and dear I say A Bunch Of Deckheads are made off.

Rest In Power Jimmy Rodgers

Thank you