• hopepatterson3

Make It Work

A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well. There been some inspiring stories materialsing from my interaction with you all of late. Be it DJ Ramos business venture.

Teisha and Dolo’s forays into production and writing respectively.

'Sacred' is out NOW!!!

Belated Happy Birthday by the way D! 23 on some icon type shit!

To DJ Boogz, who got off to a shakey start with the imprint to receiving inspired feedback on a weekly basis, to the constant hunger and enthusiasm of Beakfreak and Chef. I’m loving that 5hit.

Chef has garnered a lot of attention of late from a number of venues. Yet when I talk to him he’s working on a new scratch pattern, familiarising himself with new software or a controller. Fucking relentless. All you younger DJs on the imprint. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! AND PRACTICE SOME MORE! Chef has been in the game for a minute and he’s always challenging himself. Model that shit.

That’s some Deckhead type shit! We pick our fucking selves.

Oh! One more thing! If you can! Make a like a toothbrush and Reach!

Have a remarkable one!?!