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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re all well.

What a year?!? Let me begin by thanking you all for your hard work. Cooperation. Trust and patience. Particularly patience.

I have to wear a number of hats in this role, from biz dev, admin, payroll, marketing, design, social media and more recently of late debt collector. I’d readily admit that I haven’t always got all of the above right but I can assure you it hasn’t been through a lack of fucking trying.

As DJ’s it’s becoming increasingly apparent that you’re pretty much considered an afterthought. So in spite of time vested on your part to hone your craft, procure music and equipment it’s becoming increasingly irrelevant, as the barriers of entry to DJ’ing are becoming lower. Case in point.

We need to cut costs, so we’re going to cut the DJs rate!

We need to cut costs. So the DJ will need to bring their own equipment. [Ever heard of a bartender being asked to bring their own fucking glasses to cut costs!?!]

Our nights tend to be slower on these days, so we’re going to cut the DJs rate on those days!

The list could go on.

Peoples actions tell you way more than their words do. Going forward it is my hope no pun intended, that A Bunch Of Deckheads success is predicated by it’s connection with an audience, working in concert with one another and not cost cutting exercises. In instances where as a collective we've executed on the latter, the benefits of which has been exponential.

Nigel’s recommendation of Point Blank students Aron and Oliver being a case in point. They’ve gone on to do a stellar job curating my nights at Drink Shop Do. More recently, Oliver has been responsible for cementing a new relationship with The Jam Tree Clapham, which potentially we all stand to benefit from.

Chef’s procurement and mentoring DJs for the imprint circa last year this time helped me fill gaps in a New Year eve rota, which included Boogz. Jermaine has now cemented his presence in a number of venues where initially he got off to a questionable start. Incredibly gratifying. Not to mention the fact that we all stood a chance of being fucked if I wasn’t able to fill those requirments.

If we were to implement this thinking expansively who knows what A Bunch Of Deckheads could achieve.

So! In conclusion I’d like to thank you again for all for your dedication and professionalism over the course of the year. I really appreciate you all. I know I can be a curt, that’s curt bitch. It’s part of my DNA. I’m sorry. My mum thanks you too. I hustle for her.

Finally, though it’s been said. Many times. Many ways. Merry Christmas to you!

Oh! One more thing. I’m planning for us to have our own Xmas Party in the New Year but a number of people on the roster are away. I will revert in due course.

Be remarkable. Worth making remarks about.

Up yours!