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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust your well.

The challenge I face on a daily basis is how I get venues to buy into the imprint services. I attempt to do so by thinking of ways to offer as much value as I possibly can, admittedly with varying success.

My ultimate purpose for the brand is to create goods and services that cater to a market at large as opposed to individual’s who are driven by personal agendas or the powers that be and not necessarily concerned with qualifying the merit of an offer.

Over the Christmas as a result of a number of absences I had to recruit additional DJs. The beauty of this being, that this was facilitated by Mr Dex and DJ Chef. The initiative undertaken by Mr Dex with Watch Out Now has given me an offer to pitch to other venues, which you have all benefited from. The leads, procured by Beatfreak has led to opportunities which again you have all benefited from.

So in my attempt to provide as much value as I can to venues, doesn’t it follow that I’m going to be inclined to want to work with those who provide as much value to the imprint, given that we all that we stand to benefit.

Imagine if Mr Dex, DJ Chef and Beatfreak just thought it was enough to turn up on time and play good music. I can list a number of venues that you would not be playing at this weekend if they did. Just like these venues who are inundated with offers by DJs, agencies and promoters a like, A Bunch Of Deckheads is at the point where it’s good for DJs who just turn up on time and play good music.

I’m under no illusion just because I may have fostered relationships with venues that the opportunities afforded to me are not at risk. The same can be said with reference to your relationship with A Bunch Of Deckheads.

If I’m a bottleneck to the growth of this business we’re all fucked. Where I’ve excelled is with the help of the likes of those I mentioned above. Why do I want to grow the business? I want to foster relationships with an audience who appreciate what we do and reward us accordingly, not just a fucking cog in someone else machinery, but a fucking Linchpin a Purple Cow if you will. A couple of Seth Godin book references there for you.

There’s SOMETHING we all can do to achieve this. If that's not for you, fine. Let me know.

If you're up for the task at hand going forward I’m going to be asking from you the following:

If you’re not following A Bunch Of Deckheads on socials. Please do so.





Engage or share content.

If you’re putting out content with regards to a gig your playing at tag, not hashtag A Bunch Of Deckheads.

I’m sick of that I’m my grind shit, when you’re not the one who procured the shit in the first place.

I need mixes. We need to leverage off as many platforms as possible. So I’ll be asking for mixes and Spotify Playlists from you with firm deadlines.

Your track recommendations for the month or week. Attention is the new capital so lets create some.

Any skills you have that you feel that brand can leverage from I need them. We can have a further conversation around this.






Friends or Relatives who work with Brands

Business proposals around offers

Brand Partnerships

Or whatever the fuck you have in mind please advise

We need to up our game. Disrupt ourselves before we get fucking disrupted.

If I can do more than what is asked from me by venues, this needs to be mindset of those involved. It needs to be a consistent, focused and sustained effort. Not some rah, rah caught up in the moment hype shit!

To matters of housekeeping. The Bunch of Deckheads Christmas Party will be held at Radicals And Victuallers February 6th at 7pm. I will be putting on some nibbles and few drinks again as a thank you. Once there done, there done. Real talk. Every man, woman and child for himself thereafter.

Please can you refrain from contacting me regarding availability and the like on a Sunday. Even God himself had to have a Coke and a smile.

With regards to your availability, again can you provide this no later than Monday 12pm.


You may or may not have seen that Hip Hop Hooray will cease to be at Drink Shop & Do. This has been replaced by Hot Right Now, a Dance orientated night. I will be looking to house Hip Hop Hooray elsewhere given the traction built to date. Any thoughts or ideas let me know.

Will have three more venues coming on board in February. What can I say other then it's hunting season. Spinners ann dumplin season.

Now go be remarkable!?!