• hopepatterson3

Raise It Up

A Bunch Of Deckheads I trust you’re all well. There been some encouraging activity taking place thus far this year.

The likes of Daniel and Dol0 who experienced some criticism have responded well to now garnering great reviews on their sets. Luca cementing back to back residencies at Simmons Bar Mornington Crescent. Ayo having Simmons Bar Kings Cross on lock and Akin securing residence at Radicals.

DJ Referrals from the likes of Alistair and Chef have bolstered the roster with the additions of Arman, Yaz and Marshall. Stellar additions given the feedback to date.

We’ve taken on three sites last month. The Hawkins Forge, The Bull and The Sun. The latter two has been a by-product of the work shouted about in relation to other venues.

A trailer Mr Dex paid for out of his pocket for Watch Out Now coupled with a website has paid dividends with another residency at The Hawkins Forge, who’ve doubled their rate in order to accommodate the offer.

In addition, the trailer caught the attention of the UK Brand Manager for Rock Star Energy Drinks with a view of facilitating the offer at some point in the future, a relationship that had been dormant for sometime.

What’s my point? The Ten Track Commandments No 4

4. "CANI" stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. It's an acronym

developed by Tony Robbins life coach, author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Don’t rest on your laurels. Research your music, source edits, mashups, hone your skills, get creative with your mixes and transitions. You don’t want to be predicable.

Demonstrate the best version of yourself. DON’T BE AVERAGE. Hold yourself to standards higher than anyone else would hold you to.

We have to constantly raise our standards. Myself included or what’s the fucking point.

An incident took place last week where a DJ played at a private event and the client was not impressed, she emailed the venue and myself. Given it was her 40th Birthday and how aggrieved she was, the venue and I decided to refund her DJ booking.

The aforementioned DJ’s response was not a reflection of the attitude of this imprint. If I felt the same way about my work, I would not have been able to offer you all the opportunities that I do.

Given barriers of entry and competition in the space we’re in, when we do more than is expected from us the opportunities become more prevalent.

Ask yourself. Are you exceeding expectations?

Matters around housekeeping. I’m planning on starting a Bunch Of Deckheads WhatsApp group. It was something I was mulling over in my pea size brain but following a suggestion from Mr Dex, it makes sense to do so.

This is a purely a forum for matters around house keeping, allowing me to convey information that is readily available to you as opposed to email. Any objections please advise.

Have a remarkable one!