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A Bunch Of Deckheads. I trust you’re well. I didn’t write a blog post last week as I had a funeral to attend, so apologies.

I’m a seeing a massive improvement with you all making your availability known. It’s been a great help in terms of efficiency. So thank you and keep up the good work.

I’ve been getting some feedback from venues regarding the limited musical scope of the sets being played. As a DJ it’s important that we listen to as broad a spectrum of music as possible, with a view of exceeding expectations.

I recall an incident at a gig last summer where I was kitted out in my usual Adidas ensemble with my tattoos on display. As I walked into the venue to set up, within my peripheral there was a group of women, one of which was looking at me. Understandable!

Bizarrely enough, I saw her say to her friends.

I bet he’s going to play some of that Hip Hop and RnB bullshit

I thought to myself. The bitch! Then as I’m setting up, she takes it upon herself to approach me and has the gall to slur.

What music are you to playing tonight?

To which I reply with such relish and glee.

Some of that Hip Hop and RnB bullshit you were referring too.

The look of horror on her face was fucking priceless.

What proceeded was some Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Hall & Oats, Billy Joel and more with a view that I just fucked up her mind in terms of the expectations she held of me.

Exceed expectations. Track selection in my humble opinion is 80% of DJ’ing. You can pull scratch patterns out of your arse and have more effects than Das, if you can’t move a crowd it accounts for shit!

In other news Everyman cinema has reached out to us with a view of hosting Watch Out Now for a Biggie Smalls Birthday Bash in May. This is still in the initial stage of discussions but bears testimony to the fact that in order to make things better, you’ve got to make better things.

What are you making?

Shout out DJ Marshall for filling the Indie night requirement at The Vault this Thursday. It looks that this slot has been secured going forward.

Have a remarkable one!

Have a remarkable one!