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2 U 4 U

A Bunch Of Deckheads. As always. I trust you’re well.

With Simmons being one of my biggest clients I receive feedback on all those who play there.

The following was exemplary and made feel like a proud father:

Tower Bridge:

Name: Aron

Details: Very good tonight. Helped out a lot. While we were waiting on the cables from Fitzrovia to get the music to work he didn't sit by and started bar backing for us. Legend.

You may or may not know but I’m revisiting recreating my merch line yet AGAIN. That’s another story. With it’s promotion this go round, it occurred to me that a good brand makes a logo not the other way around.

Engagement is derived by one of two ways or if your lucky both. Scarcity and connection. Gestures like the above go some way towards achieving that. What more could you be doing?

Housekeeping. I’m going to need the following from you all.

1 x 1hr mix by the end of March to be uploaded to our Mixcloud page. You can either provide an exclusive mix or capture a portion of your sets using the record function within your software or an MP3 recorder.

If anyone on the roster has a podcast this could also be an option to upload.

Once all the mixes are collected they will be scheduled for upload on a weekly/fortnightly basis. In addition I’ll need a photo and bio.

Please be advised that the mixes need to be submitted via WeTransfer by Sunday 30th March. Email address of where to send to follow.

Now go create a ruckus.

Speaking of creating a ruckus, Watch Out Now is three years old this weekend and we'll be celebrating at Radicals.

We're not getting older we're getting better.